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Federal Elected Officials

US House of Representatives:

          1st District- Buddy Carter

          12th District - Rick Allen

State Elected Officials

Governor- Brian Kemp

Lieutenant Governor- Burt Jones

Secretary of State- Brad Raffensperger

Attorney General- Chris Carr

State School Superintendent- Richard Woods

State Agriculture Commissioner- Tyler Harper

State Insurance Commissioner- John King

State Labor Commissioner- Bruce Thompson

Public Service Commission- Jason Shaw

State Senate, 4th District- Billy Hickman

State House of Representatives

      159th District- Jon Burns (Speaker of the House)

      161st District- Bill Hitchens

County Elected Officials

Sheriff- Jimmy McDuffie

County Commissioners:

Chairman- Wesley Corbitt

1st District- Forrest Floyd

2nd District- Roger Burdette

3rd District- Jamie Deloach

4th District- Reggie Loper

5th District- Phil Kieffer

Clerk of Superior Court- Jason Bragg

Tax Commissioner- Linda McDaniel

Coroner- David Exley

Board of Education (non-partisan):

1st District- Lynn Anderson

2nd District- Jan Landing

3rd District- Lamar Allen

4th District- Ben Johnson

5th District- Vickie Decker

Georgia Republican Party

National Committeeman: Jason Thompson

National Committeewoman: Ginger Howard


State Chairman- David Shafer

1st Vice Chair- BJ Vangundy

2nd Vice Chair- Brant Frost

Secretary- Michael Welsh

Asst. Secretary- BJ Ken Carroll

Treasurer- Joseph Brannan

Asst. Treasurer- Vicki Consiglio

1st District Chair- Bill Edgy

12th District Chair- Mike Wiltse

GOP State Committee, Dist. 12- Brittany Dasher

County Executive Officers:

Chair- Brittany Dasher

First Vice-Chair- Sherry Loper

Second Vice-Chair- Rebecca Boston

Secretary/Treasurer- Terri Johnson 

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