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Section 1. County Chairman: The Chairman is the Chief Executive Officer and spokesperson of the County Party and shall perform all duties outlined by Party Rules.

1. Shall convene the County Committee as the Rules and needs of the Party dictate.
2. Presides over all County meetings and all Executive Committee meetings.
3. Appoints committees called for in the Rules and such other committees he/she may deem desirable.
4. Shall appoint a presiding officer for Precinct mass meetings in those instances when the Precinct Chairman is unable to attend.
5. Presides at all County Conventions until temporary convention officers are elected.
6. Appoints interim County Convention committees and their respective Chairmen subject to the approval of the County Committee.
7. Is responsible for the general direction and affairs of the party.
8. Must review and approve all outgoing correspondence to be emailed, mailed or distributed to the County Committee, County Party members, or to the public. The County Chairman may designate this duty from time-to-time to the First Vice Chairman to make such approvals.

9. The Chairman shall be responsible to see that all Reports, Resolutions, Rules,and Amendments are filed in compliance with State Election Laws and the Rules of the Georgia Republican Party.

-It is the responsibility of all officers to assist the County Chairman.-

Section 2. First Vice-Chairman: The First Vice-Chair shall be responsible for maximizing organization of party activities and events and to assist the Chairman.

1. The First Vice-Chairman shall recruit, appoint and preside over the County Oganization Committee which shall assist in recruiting and organizing volunteers, arrange for training for County volunteers, member recruitment, and other related activities and events.
2. The First Vice-Chairman shall preside over meetings in the absence of the Chairman.
3. The First Vice-Chairman shall serve as Acting Chairman in the event of vacancy of the Chairman's office and perform all such duties.

Section 3. Second Vice-Chairman: The Second Vice-Chairman shall be responsible for candidate recruiting within the County and to assist the Chairman.

1. The Second Vice-Chairman shall recruit, appoint and preside over the Recruitment Committee to assist the First Vice-Chairman in recruiting and arrange for training of Republican Candidates
throughout the County.
2. The Second Vice-Chairman shall preside over meetings in the absence of both the Chairman and the First Vice-Chairman and perform all such duties.

Section 4. Secretary: The Secretary shall keep all minutes of the County and Executive meetings, membership rolls, correspondence and usual secretarial duties.

1. Shall maintain the lists of the Executive, County, District, and State Committee members, contributors, and the like, publish notices and other materials as required by the party rules and/or Georgia election law.

2. Shall record the minutes of all Executive and County Committee meetings including the date, identity of those in attendance, and a record of all actions taken and email/deliver them to Executive Committee within 10 days.

3. Shall determine and announce the status of a quorum at all Executive and County Committee meetings.

4. If so desired by County Chairman, will assist in all correspondence distributed to the County Committee at large or the public (must be approved by the County Chairman prior to distribution).
5. Shall maintain and keep record of the minutes from all meetings during his/her tenure. 
6. Shall maintain an official Membership Record with a list of the names and contact information of all County Party, Executive Committee, County Republican elected officials, and GA State GOP Members that are current Effingham GOP members. 

7. Shall assist the Chairman with all paperwork, filing, and duties associated with Candidate Qualifying during election years.

Section 5. Treasurer: The Treasurer shall keep and maintain records of all financial activities and shall provide a written report to each County Meeting.

1.The treasurer shall ensure that the County Party is in compliance with the applicable Federal and State Laws, registering and reporting as required by Federal and State Law.
2. The Treasurer Shall be a chairperson of the Fund-Raising Committee.3. Shall have custody and responsibility of the funds of the Effingham GOP and shall deposit said funds in a bank selected by the Executive Committee. These funds may be drawn as prescribed or approved by the Executive Committee.
4. All checks will be prepared and signed by the Treasurer. In the absence of the Treasurer, checks may be prepared by the County Chairman, or First Vice Chairman. No disbursements shall be made without an invoice, paid receipt or written request.
4. Shall make and keep an accurate record of all income and disbursements and have available at all Executive and County meetings a current financial report summarizing income, expense, assets and liabilities of the County Party.


*The officer's duties listed above are not wholly comprehensive and any other obligations

or duties that are necessary to the running of the Effingham County Republican Party.

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