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All qualification requirements, forms, and essential information for each office

can be found on the website link below. Copies of all forms will be available for candidates to fill out at qualifying as well. All forms must be signed and notarized. There will be a notary present during Qualifying. 

Fees must be paid by certified or campaign check, or money order, made out to

The Effingham County Republican Party 

If the check is returned, the candidate is not qualified.

 It is not necessary to make an appointment, but if you contact the Chair before Qualifying week to let her know when you'd like to come, we can prevent long waits by ensuring multiple candidates aren’t coming in to qualify at the same time.

Chair contact info: Brittany Dasher 912-663-7935

The Chair has a full time job and cannot always answer her cell during work so leave a voicemail or text and she'll get back to you as soon as she is able. She will be out of the country from the afternoon of March 6th on and will be unavailable so contact her prior to then. Our Vice Chair, Rebecca Boston, will run qualifying for the last part of the week so she will be the contact person then. (


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