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-Ronald Reagan

"Democracy is worth dying for, because it's the most deeply honorable form of government ever devised by man.”


Chairman's Welcome

Welcome to the online headquarters of the Effingham County Republican Party!

     As you navigate this site, I urge you to learn more about the GOP in our Grand Old Effingham County! I hope that this site will inspire you to make a difference for not only you, but for your family, neighbors, friends and co-workers.  Here’s how: GET INVOLVED!!! You can do this by attending events, becoming a member, voting, supporting Republican candidates, volunteering, making a financial contribution, and using this site to follow us and what we're doing in our community. 

    This is a critical year for the party as we work towards electing conservative candidates and advancing our conservative message of limited government, personal accountability, economic freedom, and fiscal responsibility. Our efforts in Effingham are essential to keeping Georgia red and achieving victory in statewide elections and our local community.

   Conservatives everywhere are working hard to keep Georgia RED, and to get Republican candidates elected locally, statewide, and nationally, but our job doesn't stop when election is over! Being a part of a system that involves its citizens in the governing process means we are obligated to stay involved. If you want to be the kind of citizen that our Constitution was written for, you need to pay attention, stay active, & hold your officials accountable for their actions, promises, and ideals, NOT just on an election year, but ALWAYS!!

    So if you’re tired of incompetent government and out of control taxes, inflation, and regulations, then roll up your sleeves and help us spread our message. Your support is absolutely vital. 

    Consider joining, contributing or volunteering today! YOU are the Effingham County Republican Party. Together we can make a difference!

Forever a Patriot,

Brittany Dasher

Effingham County Republican Party

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